My name is James Ross, I’m a qualified personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach and sports scientist. I am a founder and coach at The Richmond Gym in Melbourne. I created this site to discuss and promote Girevoy Sport (GS), or Kettlebell Sport. I’ll also throw in some general sports science and strength and conditioning information.

What is Girevoy Sport?

Girevoy Sport, or GS is a weightlifting sport performed using kettlebells, originally a Russian agricultural weight, and now a training tool. GS is a competition oriented sport based around particular kettlebell movements, namely the snatch, jerk and long cycle (clean & jerk). GS has a much larger endurance focus than traditional weightlifting, and many consider it a strength endurance or endurance strength sport. Typically GS competitions last up to ten minutes, during which time the goal is to score the maximum number of points. A point or half a point is scored every time you lock or fixate the kettlebell overhead, which is determined by a judge.

Why gsscience.com

I chose the domain gsscience.com because I want to focus on sports science and GS as well as the use of kettlebells for a variety of sports and activities. I will also touch upon grappling sports as I’m fortunate enough to work with some high level grapplers, and it fits the GS acronym (kind of).

My qualifications and experience

Formal education

  • [Candidate] PhD (kettlebell research)
  • Master of Exercise Science (kettlebell research)
  • Masters of Exercise Science (strength and conditioning)
  • Bachelor of Health Science

Professional Experience

  • Trained athletes that compete nationally and internationally
  • Internship at Richmond Tiger FC (AFL)
  • Over Fifteen years as a personal trainer and strength & conditioning coach

Professional Memberships