Online Training

Online one-to-one training

What does it involve?
Online training will require you to film various exercises and upload these videos onto youtube (if concerned about privacy, you can make the link unlisted), or any other accessible site. I will give you feedback on these videos and a program which you will fill in. The program will be tailored for your needs.
Who can benefit from online training?
Training online will be useful for athletes preparing for competition, people looking for coaching in Girevoy (kettlebell) sport or just someone looking for an effective program to help reach their goals.
Is online training for everyone?
Online training has its limitations. If you have any serious injuries or illness, online training may not be the best for you. You will need a camera or camera phone and an internet connection.
What is the cost and what does it include?
Tier 1:
A four-week program will be $110.00 (AUD) or $300.00 for 12 weeks. This will include a training program, video instruction, and fortnightly video analysis & feedback.

Tier 2:
A four-week program will be $200.00 (AUD). This will include a training program, video instruction, in-depth overview of the program, weekly video analysis & feedback and a fortnightly zoom call.

Face to face personal training

I currently work from The Richmond Gym in Richmond, Melbourne, Australia. If you’re interested in making an appointment please email and we can arrange a time.