I have trained with James Ross for over 10 years now. I have followed him from the original gym where I met him to the gym he currently owns and now he trains me remotely overseas. He is like a scientist in the way he designs his programs. James’s programs set out the minimum you have to do to get stronger and fitter every week. He is also the reason I discovered my love of kettlebell sport, as one of Australia’s top lifters.  Thanks to his help I have qualified for the Australian Kettlebell Team four times. James is the real deal! – Emma Francis


Been working with Coach James of GS Science for the past 3 years thru the online training set up and my progress have been really solid and still continuing to improve overall. It could be compared that my first 4-6 months of learning under coach’s guidance, my progress has been even greater than the 2 years of being self-coached with kettlebell sport previously. It’s really awesome to be coached by someone who has a world class experience with the sport and of course world class knowledge with the science and the technical aspects of exercise and strength and conditioning. Thanks Coach! 💪 – Patrick Aguila


I would strongly recommend James as a coach. I have been competing in Kettlebell Sport for the last 3.5 years and for the last 18 months James Ross has coached me. In that time he has already helped me reach some of my short term goals like getting on the national team and placing at IKMF worlds. I chose James as I believe he can take me to my long term goal of MS rankings. James has the coaching and athletic pedigree for this and I believe his exercise science background and his reasoned approach to programming are the core reasons for this. More so over the last year I have somehow still managed to improve despite all my spare time being spent balancing full-time study and work. I am looking forward to James training me well into the future. – David Gruhl


James is a uniquely skilled coach bringing extensive sport-specific training and general physical development to the table. The combination of his methods, analysis of movement, and understanding of my goals has made my training more consistent and focused, and I’m surpassing my aims on a regular basis. – John Moulton


In 2011 I started training with James, which not only fixed the back and shoulder issues I can now deadlift 215kgs and Jerk 80kg. His holistic approach to strength combined with his wealth of academic achievement has come through with results for me in my pursuit of strength, time and time again – Miro Bellini

Before training with James I was a 6’1 amateur basketballer who never possessed an abnormal amount of sporting prowess. I always wanted to really throw down a dunk with both hands! After i discussed this with james, he wrote me a program and with just one month dedication under his innovative and professional eye I had increased my vertical leap out of sight and was throwing down easily with great consistency. I’d heard of plyometric and dynamic training before but James was able to broaden my knowledge and ability beyond what I thought I was personally capable of. Thanks James, all those double handers were In your honour. FYI, James’ training never helped me grow, I’m still 6’1. – Ash Williams

As a coach myself, I am very selective about the professionals I consult for my own training and to whom I refer athletes that are outside of my area of expertise.  James Ross is one of the few sports professionals I trust wholeheartedly, not only because he has an excellent grasp on the science necessary for success in both athletic and rehabilitative training, but he is able to apply that scientific knowledge practically and takes great care to individualise programming.

I have no hesitation in recommending James’ services to anyone who wants to improve their athletic performance, including those who require remedial measures to return to their chosen sport post-injury. – Emily Friedel

In between a transition between two competitive strength sports my training had become sporadic, unfocused, and therefore ineffective. With James’ vast training and programming experience he was able to get me focused once again, resulting in the fast and noticeable gains I required to prove competitive, and a reignited love of training. I can’t recommend James’ services highly enough for athletes of all levels and those simply wishing to take their training to another level. – Rohan Dodds

James has been training me since 2011. In that time I have learned a lot and achieved excellent results in strength and conditioning. James’ knowledge of training methods is both broad and detailed. His great ability to create sport specific periodised programs has been invaluable in my preparation for international Jiu Jitsu competition. – Michael Wilson

I began training with James mid last year. Having had a history of ankle injuries playing basketball, I had lost most of my explosiveness and leaping ability (as well as motivation). James formulated a weekly training program for me, focusing on rehab and strength. I was effectively starting from scratch which meant we had to slowly build up my balance and strength.

After a lot of hard work, I’ve been able to make a huge impact on my vertical leap and can dunk more comfortably than ever. More importantly I’ve discovered lateral quickness and single leg power I’ve never properly developed or being able to utilise on the court. I can’t recommend James enough. – Matt Lemmen

6 months ago James designed a 12 week cycled program for me based on my individual needs and body type. I wanted to build muscle size, increase strength and decrease body fat and just wasn’t achieving much with my own training.

Previously I thought I had a fair idea of what I was doing in the gym, but after only a month on James’ new program I realised the difference expert advice can make. My strength and muscle size began to increase at a significantly higher rate, and I also noticed an increase and flexibility and a decrease in my chronic back pain.

I find the variation in workouts not only stimulates strength and muscle growth but makes working out fun, as every month I switch to a different set of challenging exercises.

James is highly knowledgable and passionate about strength and conditioning, he also cares about his clients and takes pride in their improvements. This is a rare combination, and I would recommend his training programs to anyone! – Andrew Grant

I have always been an active guy and regularly went to the gym. I felt though, I was never able to achieve goals or know how to achieve goals. I noticed when I started training with James a couple years ago, how focused he was on not only increasing strength but achieving personal goals along the way. James’ focus on technique is something i had never experienced before and I am constantly learning from him every time we train. The most exciting thing I find, is transferring what I learn from James to helping other friends and family who do not train correctly. I would recommend James with full confidence. – Rob Parry

James’ program increased my strength significantly. James taught how to do the right workouts with the right technique. This has helped me with the physical side of basketball during my pre-season training for college basketball in the USA. – Akau Deng

James Ross is an excellent trainer – I spent the last year working with him. The results which I have achieved to date have made it possible for me to not only reach, but exceed the goals which I had in mind. Prior to commencing training with James we discussed my ambitions, and James composed a goal specific training plan for me. Over the last year I have dramatically increased my flexibility, strength, cardiovascular endurance and explosiveness – all of which I attribute to the hard, but smart work in the gym with James. I was never an outstanding athlete, but a major goal of mine was to increase my vertical jump – close to a year into training with James I managed to record a standing vertical jump of 82cm which I was ecstatic about, and is a testament to the ability James has to structure exercises to help achieve goals. Being a basketball player a more explosive first step and ability to get above the ring have helped me offensively. Defensively my rebounding has improved out of sight.

Overall, James is the most knowledgeable individual that I know in the fitness industry – and has always made an effort to help me understand the sometimes difficult theoretical underpinnings behind his training methods of choice and the effects that they have on the body. I look forward to continuing work with James into the future and know that the progressive types of training that he will expose me to will allow me to further develop as an athlete. – James Buckland