Trainers – help me start a new gym in Richmond

I just wanted to provide an update to all my fellow trainers I’ve been talking to about setting up a new gym.

Firstly, thanks for all your support and encouragement. I really appreciate it and it’s helped give me more confidence to think I can set something up.

The short – and good – news is that I’ve found a great place to train nearby to the current gym. It’s going to be an awesome space for training, with more room than we’ve had at Cohesion. But I’ll need your help in the next 48 hours to make it a reality.

Gym shot 1

I want to set up a new gym here focused on people who want results focused training and a great community of like-minded and friendly people, including some of the best and most passionate trainers around. Training will be based on the measurable mixed implement strength & conditioning you’re all familiar with; barbells, bodyweight, kettlebells, dumbbells, ropes, sleds, lifting, challenges, testing, progressive adaptation as well as a variety of new pieces of equipment.

In the next few days I’ll be signing the lease for the property above at 56 Appleton Street, Richmond (map of location below). It’s not cheap but it’s an awesome space with over 1/3 more space than we’ve had at Cohesion (think – a longer runway for sled training!)

56 Appleton Map

For any of you who are keen to train clients in this space, regularly or even just from time to time , I need your help this week – preferably in the next day or two.

I know it’s a lot to ask but if you would be willing to pre-purchase some time as a PT, that would really help. If I’m unable to get the business up and running and classes started within four weeks, I’ll just refund your money. None of your money will be used in the mean time; it’s just to get some idea of how many PTs we’ll be starting with and if it does go ahead, to help cover costs while we build up membership.

With that in mind, I’ve come up with four options for pre-purchasing time at this new space and becoming a foundation PT of my new gym. It’s a bit like a kickstarter campaign so you can opt in at your preferred level of support. Also, everybody gets Pho! In addition to any of the options below, you will receive two weeks of FREE training or use for your clients, as we are setting up the gym!


Option What you pay What you get Normal price (once we’re up and running) # available
Ten pack $200
  • Up to ten client hours in the gym – valid for six months.



Regular training package $200 per month plus $10 per client session hour – $0 for gym members.
  • Unlimited number of client hours per month for $10 per client hour or $0 for gym members – valid for first six months.

$400 a month plus $20 per client session hour – $10 for gym members.


100 pack $1,500
  • 100 client hours in the gym – valid for one year



Unlimited $3,500
  • Unlimited number of client hours for one year.

Not available



How I’ll improve PT pricing at the new gym:

  • Membership options will scale based on how many clients hours you plan to do.
  • Casual rates of $30 per session will allow for very occasional use.
  • 10 and 100 hour packs for trainers that train irregularly over the year.
  • For PTs training more regularly, a monthly fee plus a lower price per client will be available, making it cheaper if you’re training more.
  • In time, we’ll install bookable training ‘pods’ that will include everything you need to do a great workout with your client, without being impeded by classes or other people training at the same time.
  • You’ll only pay us 50% of the session fee per client if the client is a member of the gym, this will encourage our members to do more PT.

Steps I’ve taken so far:

  • Purchased some equipment to get us started
  • Found new gym location, lease to be signed this week
  • Begun relevant building and planning permits for local council, to be submitted this week.

What will happen next?

  • Lots of you guys sign up to become foundation members – I need at least 25 to make it work!
  • Undertake any fit out requirements
  • Move in equipment
  • Start training: within four weeks but hopefully sooner!


My bank details are below – please call, email or text me if you want to be part of this and if you have any questions just give me a call to talk more.


J A Ross
Acc: 154128755
Bsb: 633000




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